Mason Tenaglia

Mason Tenaglia has worked with major pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer health, and
pharmacy benefit management companies for more than 25 years. An expert in Managed Care
strategy development, Mason has worked with many of the industry’s leading companies
and has led pricing and contracting strategy projects for more than twenty brands in the last
ten years. Mason has been at the forefront of understanding the impact of the Medicare
Modernization Act on pharmaceutical companies and is a frequent author and speaker on the
topic. He is also a member of the Pharmaceutical Executive Editorial Advisory Board, and he is
its Advisor for Managed Care.

Prior to founding The Amundsen Group, Mason was a Vice President in the Pharmaceutical
Practice of Charles River Associates, led the strategy practice for Nextera Enterprises,
and was the founder and Managing Partner of Planning Technologies Group, Inc. (PTG),
a strategy boutique based in Lexington, Massachusetts that was acquired by Nextera in
1998. Mason began his consulting career at McKinsey and Company, Inc. He received his
MBA in Finance and International Business from the University of Chicago and a BS
in International Economics from the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown