Campus Recruiting

Amundsen recruits for the position of entry-level Analyst at many top-tier colleges and universities in both the Fall and the Spring.   We are always interested in meeting potential candidates and are able to accommodate “off-cycle” interviews.

Why Start Your Career With Amundsen

If you have an interest/passion for healthcare and/or technology, Amundsen is a great place to start your career. We offer our Analysts the ability to learn about a particular discipline – managed markets strategy – that is THE major issue facing big pharma in the next 10 years.

Amundsen Group was built on a distinct leverage model that utilizes large client teams and information technology. Our Analysts have more interaction with senior consulting professionals — as well as greater client access.

After we have prequalified our candidates and initial interviews are complete, we ask our Analysts to make the determination as to whether or not there is a “fit”.  Essentially, our new Analysts are chosen by their peers.

We have a comprehensive training program for our new analysts. With input from our management team, our program was created by our current associates and is continuously being fine-tuned and updated to reflect key changes within the ever-evolving healthcare industry. In addition to technology and analytics, we focus on various topics within the pharmaceutical industry to help you understand how Amundsen delivers value to its clients.

During our engagements, we become a trusted and integral component of the client’s team. This mindset is highly valued and helps solidify and continue lasting relationships at all levels within the client’s organization.

Amundsen offers competitive pay and benefits. Amundsen employees are well-compensated with an upside potential for earnings based on performance.

We review employee performance frequently and provide salary increases that reflect value to clients.

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